Trying Something New…

mom jeans paired with a black top and striped sweater

I’ve leapt into the late 2010’s and finally tried a new style of jeans. 🤣

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s when mom jeans were for MOMS! From what I remember, I never knew mom jeans to look stylishly. When they came back in style a number of years ago, I was dead set on ever buying a pair. Somehow along the way, fashion evolution has managed to make the most dowdiest of pants actually wearable.

Perhaps it happened overtime and definitely subliminally, but I found myself warming up to wearing this particular style of jeans. While I still love wearing my skinny jeans, after almost 20 years, I’m feeling a little tired of wearing the exact same sweaters and same style of pants every winter.

I paired this pair of mom jeans with my everyday, high heels, a fitted scoop neck black T-shirt, and a black-and-white light sweater draped over my shoulders.

Mom, jeans tend to be looser in the hip area but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I felt like even though they were loose in the hips, they were quite comfortable. This particular pair of jeans hugged me and all the right places and was nicely fitted at my waist. Because spring is around the corner, I particularly liked these jeans because they are a bit cropped at the ankle so they’ll look nice with high heels or sandals. I bought a couple of other pairs of mom jeans that I will feature on my blog soon.

I bought this pair at SHEIN. They were only $17. Denim can be so expensive nowadays and trying a new style like this, I didn’t want to spend a fortune. If I continue loving this style of jeans, perhaps I will venture out and look for a more durable pair in the future.

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