My 1990’s Louis Vuitton Pochette

Vintage Louis Vuitton Pochette

I’m on such a 90’s kick right now. Even though I was a pre-teen and teen in the 90’s, I don’t feel like I really got into the culture and fashions of the time. At the moment I’ve been watching a few 90’s classics–the short lived Malibu Shores and of course, the iconic Melrose Place. I never watched these shows when they are new but I’m REALLY enjoying them–especially the makeup, hairstyles and fashions.

This trip down memory lane reminded me of how much I missed carrying pochette style bags. I used to own a Louis Vuitton pochette back in my 20’s then came the big bag craze of the 2010’s and I foolishly sold the LV as I thought I would never have a use for it again…WRONG! Back then I wasn’t thinking of the luxury markets love of price increases. My LV pochette purchased BRAND NEW was about $225…ahh memories.

For this re-purchase, I wanted a pochette from the late 90’s. Quality was better back then. I have a few luxury handbags that predate me which I think is so cool. I found this 1998 Louis Vuitton pochette and I fell in love. It fits all my essentials–while I love smaller bags, if my iPhone doesn’t fit than it’s not worth it but luckily my iPhone, small wallet and makeup bag fit comfortably.

Even though the strap had that beautiful patina color, I did repair have the strap repaired as it was tired looking. With a little time and use this new strap will patina. This is the perfect everyday bag for Spring and Summer and I’m looking forward to styling it with many outfits!

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