Diamond of the Season by Bath and Body Works with Bridgerton: A Review

Bridgerton Bath & Body Works lotion and fragrance mist in Diamond of the Season

I’m a HUGE fan of Bridgerton–the show is so visual pleasing to watch–between the fashions, interiors and beautiful tea ware, it’s such an aesthetically pleasing escape whenever I tune in. I had just finished the prequel, Queen Charlotte when the news broke that Bath & Body Works was dropping a Bridgeton collection on March 25th.

Bath & Body Works released an array of candles, candle holders, handsoaps, pocketbak hand sanitizers (and holders) and of course the body wash, lotion and body mist which is the star of today’s post called Diamond of the Season.

Bath & Body describes Diamond of the Season as follows:

  • What it smells like: you’ve captivated and enchanted even your toughest critics.
  • Fragrance notes: sparkling peach, spring daffodil and radiant jasmine.

When first applied/ sprayed, I immediately pick up the scent of warm peaches which is lovely. This is a sweet scent but not in a bakery/ gourmand sort of way. I would describe it as being soft, sweet and floral. I think this is the perfect scent to wear on the daily, especially during these early Spring days when there is still a chill in the air. As I said, I primarily pick up the peach notes straight away but I can also smell the daffodil and jasmine–so I think it’s just a winning combination. Like all Bath & Body Work products, the lotion is fantastic and very moisturizing. Combined with the fragrance mist, the longevity of the scent was probably about 5-6 hours for me. As I was out and about, I kept picking up that lovely warm peach scent.

I also picked up a few of the PocketBac hand sanitizers as well:

  • Bridgerton Study: The most masculine–it literally smells like a man’s smoking room, in the BEST possible way! I’ll be saving this one to enjoy during the autumn months. I REALLY want to get this candle now too!
  • Diamond of the Season: It smells exactly like the lotion and body mist. Lovely!
  • Queen Charlotte’s Tea: This literally smells like Earl Grey Tea–which is my favorite tea. I hope they make this into a body care line. It’s fantastic.

I also bought the CUTEST PocketBak holder–as you can see, it’s in the shape of a tea pot. I love tea time and have acquired quite a collection of tea ware over the years so, little things like this always get to me! If I didn’t care for anything in the line, I would have at least purchased this cute little hand sanitizer holder. In the midst of all the excitement, I realized that I forgot to pick up a little sanitizer in Danbury Shortbread. I’ll have to pick one up as it was lovely!! It smelled exactly like it sounds so if you love bakery sweet scents, you’ll love it. This one will be great for the colder weather months.

Overall, I’m so excited about this collaboration! I do hope we see an extension of the line (more lotions, body wash and fragrance mists moving forward but Diamond of the Season is a wonderful name for such a lovely scent!

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