Aesthetically Pleasing Storage

bedroom storage

A few months ago, I downsized my living space from an over 2200 sq ft. house to a rather compact apartment. We will be making the move back to the east coast in a little less than a year and a half and we thought it would be a good idea to rent a smaller place. I’m glad we did because moving in general is hectic but moving cross-country is even MORE HECTIC. This gave me a good opportunity to think about the things I own and prioritize my “stuff”.

Our last home was HUGE. Honestly it was too big. It lacked the coziness and charm that I craved. While it was fun to decorate the home, I found myself buying so many “things” I just didn’t need for a space I knew was only temporary. Downsizing when we did gave me the opportunity to get organized and only keep out meaningful items. As an interior decorator and avid reader, my books are important to me. But what’s equally as important to me is having aesthetically pleasing storage solutions.

I bought this furniture piece earlier this year and it was originally styled in our family room. I love furniture and decor that’s interchangeable–pieces that work in any room. I decided to use this piece in our bedroom and placed the TV above it. I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I was still able to use some of my favorite decor pieces as well as display treasured photos. Because the cabinets are glass, I stacked the book in a way that worked for me and everything looks neat & uniform. The “controlled chaos” lurks in the drawers. See my Instagram reel for a peek into that mess here .

I kept out my most treasure design books, cookbooks, tea time books and books that I still need to read. Rather than keeping out books that I’ve read (that I still want to keep), I have those in a box in storage. As I read more books, I’ll take them over to the storage unit and put them in the “read book” box. This forces me to stay as organized as possible thus making our eventual cross country go even more smoothly.

The bedroom truly is my favorite place in my home. I considered this bedroom to be a HUGE upgrade. I love smaller rooms as they make the space feel warm and cozy. My last bedroom was big too big, had huge ceilings and the cheapest of cheap orange “wood” laminent flooring. I’m all for laminent floor so long as it is tastefully done!

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