Soup Season

chicken soup served in a blue and white bowl

Soup Season is finally here!

Last night we had soup & sandwiches for dinner. It’s my favorite type of meal to have–it’s very reminiscent of diner food and is perfect for lunch or dinner. I made two different types of soup–cream of broccoli and of course, an old school classic–chicken soup. I paired them with grilled cheese for the fam. It was nice to have a little soup sampler–so hearty and delicious!

This is a soup that I’ve been making for a couple year now. It’s gluten free and dairy free yet it’s hearty and so satisfying on a cool day. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’ve been enjoying making these low key lunches and dinner.

I’ve been thinking of making a recipe video on this soup recipe–not sure if I’d like to make it a TikTok/ Reel or an old school YouTube recipe video…still thinking about it. But I will eventually be sharing my chicken soup recipe here. Make sure that you’re following me on Instagram as I do share stories of my cooking adventures!

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