A Classic Look in Navy Stripes

navy stripe sweater

I’m a huge fan of classic fabrics and patterns. I don’t think there’s anything more classic and multi-functional than navy stripes– a preppy staple! I love classically preppy looks and while this outfit isn’t totally full on prepster, this lady jacket cardigan gives the look an added classic touch.

The lady jacket cardigan trend has really grown on me–what’s old always comes back as what’s new. This is a style that has been around since at least the 40’s. But the lady jacket will forever be seared in my mind as an elegant piece that fashionable ladies of the 80’s and 90’s wore. Very Chanel, very chic.

I plan on wearing this piece–a lot. While I think it looks cute for autumn, I plan to use this in the spring and early summer months–winter time too! While this look was paired with jeans, I plan on pairing this classic lady jacket with different pant options. Stay tuned!

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