A Cozy Little Living Room

Living room with gray love seat and pink pillows

Sometimes when people use the term “cozy” it’s because they’re trying to be nice without coming off as insulting. Cozy can sometimes be a generous word to describe a small or cramped space. In my case, I truly welcome this cozy little living room of mine. Decorated in a very grandmillenial style, it feels warmer and cozier than any space I’ve had in Vegas.

Our former rental home was HUGE. It had two living rooms and two dining space. The ceilings were HUGE and the home–as beautiful as it was never felt warm and cozy. So when we had the opportunity to move, I knew I would absolutely welcome a smaller space.

Luckily for this move, I had everything I needed to furnish the new apartment. In fact, I think I was quite lucky when decorating the space as I got to choose the best pieces from my decorating stash. I will be sharing more rooms of our home soon but today we’re focusing on the cozy living room.

I didn’t want to deal with painting a space so a great way to implement color is through art. I brought all of my wall panels with me–I treasure these lovely bespoke pieces. They make a HUGE impact on the space.

Originally, this furniture set was in my Great Room. I decorated that space with tons of blue but because this sofa set is so neutral, I was able to play up an entirely different color scheme–tones of turquoise from the wall panel add vibrancy while the soft pink circular pillows add a dash of softness and femininity. In my former home I played up the pink flowers in the wallpanels and it was a theme I wanted to bring in my new home. Besides, this curved tufted love seat pairs perfectly with such a feminine and soft space.

Living room with gray sofa, cream carpet and white coffee table
I think this smaller circular coffee table works much better!
Originally, this furniture set was in my Great Room. I decorated that space with shades of blue. I didn’t love this particular coffee table.

The only thing I had to buy for the new space with a coffee table. I didn’t love the one I had in The Great Room in my former home as the shape didnt suit the space. At the same time, it didn’t feel right to buy a new one for that space–I’m glad I waited. This dainty circular coffee table houses my favorite magazines, flowers and a wonderfully scented autumn candle.

I didn’t decorate for autumn as I feel like it would be a waste of time at this point. I plan to use all that creative energy and decorate for Christmas in early November!

Living room with cream carpet and recliner chairs
We get wonderful indirect light throughout the day!

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