The Great Room

A table decorated with a blue and white vase and flowers

With its 20 ft+ ceilings, the great room is the main character of our home! The three oval windows let in so much beautiful afternoon sun without being too blinding. While this house certainly has a majestic feel to it, I long for smaller rooms and cozier spaces. Most people would disagree, I know. But I’ve never been the biggest fan of huge open living spaces.

As an Interior Decorator, I know that with an open mind, anything is possible. When I am helping my clients decorate a space, the most important aspect is creating a space that tailors to their lifestyle. That is exactly what I did in the great room area of my home. Most homes built in this style use the great room space as a sitting room that they will never use, a home bar or some people even keep beautiful baby grand pianos in the great room area due to the amazing acoustics.

I’ve learned to throw out the old ways of thinking and no longer think of certain things being home decor faux paus as seen here with my 70 inch TV pretty much blocking the whole of the window.

I’m a little more low key than that and functionality was very important to me when decorating this space. I envisioned this as a space that I could go to read cookbooks, watch old movies and enjoy afternoon tea. I jokingly call this space my “Nan Cave” as it’s a place I could go to enjoy all the things that I truly love. Because I boxed in the sofa by placing a console table behind it, it helped me to define this incredibly open space as it’s own room.

For me this was an obvious solution as I wanted to define the open space as it’s own room. The view outside the window is just a cinderblock wall and with the oval windows letting in so much light, it was a compromise much worth making. I truly love what I’ve created in this space–the color palette is a mix of taupe greys, soft blues & touches of blue and white pottery which helps enhance it’s relaxing ambience.

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