“AFTERSUN” Perfume by Vacation

Aftersun Perfume by Vacation

The new perfume, “Aftersun” recently came out. I’ll admit–this was a blind buy. I fell in love with the original Vacation perfume. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, the original perfume spoke to my demographic. First off, I found the brand on social media and it was their historically accurate ads that caught my attention. Somehow, Vacation managed to bottle up carefree summertime youth. It reminded me of warm, sunny days spent in my aunt’s pool back in South Jersey.

I had high hopes for “Aftersun” (you know where this is going…) While it smells pleasant, it doesn’t smell like summer to me. This smells like something you’d wear to tea time or a baby shower–something light, fresh and green. It reminds me of the Green Tea line of perfumes from Elizabeth Arden which smell LOVELY but Aftersun didn’t feel like it was on brand with the Vacation line. I was hoping it would have smelt more like summer and I was hoping that gin would’ve come through. I didn’t pick up on anything other than the light, fresh scent of green tea.

…from the Vacation website


  • The signature scent of the “Illustrious” Vacation Brand After Sun Gel
  • Captures the quintessential “After Sun Moment” with notes of Aloe Vera Gel, Green Tea Verjus, Aqua di Colonia, Minibar Gin, Resort Towel Plush, Open Weave Linen, and more

Fragrance Family

  • Fresh

Key Notes

  • TOP NOTES: Aloe Vera Essence, Green Tea Verjus, Melon de Cavaillon
  • HEART NOTES: Cardamom Absolute, Aqua di Colonia, Ozone, Tonic Water, Minibar Gin
  • BASE NOTES: Resort Towel Plush, Open Weave Linen

“Resort Plush Towel” & “Mini Bar Gin” I do love the way they describe the notes in the fragrance! I wanted to LOVE this fragrance the way I love the original Vacation!! I’m not going to send it back though. I’m going to use it during these cool early spring days–when I smell it, I think of floral dresses and tea time so it will get used!

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