An East Coast Autumn Look

woman wearing blazer paired with jean, handbag and black shoes

This is one of my favorite looks. This feels very “East Coast Autumn”–with tones of tan, brown and black, this is an outfit I’d wear on repeat if the weather allowed it.

Since it’s been on the warmer side during the day and chilly at night, instead of wearing an actual turtleneck sweater, I wore a sleeveless turtleneck top with a thin material. I was pleased with how this look came together and here is another example of classic multi-seasonal clothing because I’ve had this black sleeveless turtleneck for about 8 years now! I wear it often during the spring, summer and warmer side of autumn here.

The blazer is a thin material and it’s perfect for this type of weather. I only wish our weather was like this full time as this outfit COULD be a staple if it were only cooler during the day. Still, I enjoyed wearing the blazer–I don’t get to use my blazers much here but I am putting them away for when we’re back on the East Coast!

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