Our Bedroom Makeover

A photo of our completed rental friendly bedroom makeover

I’m a certified Interior Decorator living in a rental home. At times it can be a bit frustrating because I would love nothing more than to be able to put my own finishing touches on this home. But believe me, while I have my moments of feeling creatively stifled, the pros outweigh the cons renting a home in the Las Vegas area! Read on to see how we gave our bedroom a makeover!

If this experience has taught me anything then it’s to think outside the box and find new and interesting ways to make this rental feel like my own.

Being from the east coast, I find that a lot of the homes in the Vegas area on way too big. I miss shorter ceiling heights and cozier spaces. The owner of this rental was pretty strict with their policy of no painting and combine with with the horrible orange faux wood flooring and you’re left with a bland shell of a house on steroids!

A very bland “before” photo of the bedroom

I am even more limited to what I can do with the floors in this place but area rugs help! This whole project was inspired by the rug. It was the first piece that I bought when moving into this home almost two years ago. Next up was finding the perfect decor styling for the walls. I didn’t rush into this step as I knew exactly what I wanted–color, tone and pattern.

I decided to go with peel and stick wallpaper. I LOVE THIS STYLE OF WALLPAPER. It’s an affordable and stylishly way to elevate any room in your home. I found this gorgeous mid-tone blue with a hint of gray paper on Amazon. I just love the off white floral pattern. While this room is overly big, this pattern makes the room feel soft and cozy.

I created these simple panels by finding simple thin wooden panels at Home Depot, cutting them down to size, spray painting them white and tacking them into place. Of course, there are other options that are even more rental friendly that involved no holes in the wall but thankfully the homeowner allowed us to hang things up on the wall.

Because the ceilings are so high in this home, I went for almost a floor to ceiling type look to create a statement wall and I love how it made the headboard pop. I hope our bedroom makeover has given you some inspiration for your next home decor project!

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