Classic & Casual: My Go-To Summer Look

Photo of a woman in a black top, linen shorts and striped sweater draped over her shoulders

We live in a world where trends come and go in the blink of an eye. My personal style has always been multi functional classics with a hint of minimalism. As much as I love to dress up,  I also love understated looks that aren’t too fussy. So when I saw that the “old money” trend was on the rise, I had to chuckle as it’s a look that I’ve come to appreciate for years now.  I look at it as more as a capsule wardrobe and you can attain this style on any budget!

This outfit is a bit more casual but there’s something about the sweater draped over the shoulders that makes it feel more refined. I believe that a good mix of plain colored neutrals and classic patterns are the “secret” recipe to achieving an elevated and polish look like this.

None of these pieces are new. In fact, I pride myself on *truly* wearing my clothes. You’re going to see these linen shorts a lot on this blog as they are an absolute must have for me during the spring and summer months.

Here are a few tips that I think help in creating the perfect capsule wardrobe. We will certainly be re-visiting this seasonally with more pics to come.

  • Linen or White Shorts
  • Black, White or Navy Top (Sometimes I go for bolder colors like hot pink)
  • Cardigan or Striped Sweater (or other classic print)  
  • Neutral Footwear
  • Classic Bag
  • Dainty Jewelry
  • Classic Sunglasses
  • Sleek Simple Bun

That is pretty much the “classic” summer look that I do in rotation. The great thing is about this look is you can always keep it fresh—perhaps you can add a pop of color in your cardigan or go for a monochromatic look but doing black on black for a sleek, cooler vibe. For a crisp daytime look, consider a striped tee and a solid color cardigan. The point it—you can always evolve and keep this summer staple of a look feeling fresh season after season!

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